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Eighteenth meeting of the Horticulture Value Chain Roundtable: Record of Decision

December 19 to 20, 2016 – Ottawa, Ontario

Opening remarks

Horizontal cross-roundtable update

Next Policy Framework consultation

Research and innovation

Canadian Food Inspection Agency consultations

Climate change / environment

Pest Management Regulatory Agency reviews

Public trust

Key issues / forward planning

Other business

Annex A: Action items and recommendations

Meeting / Item Number Action Items Responsibility Next Steps / Timelines
18-1 Next Policy Framework: HVCRT members to seek opportunities to advance common messages on Business Risk Management and research programs discussed at the HVCRT meeting. All organizations Ongoing
18-2 Communications/Information sharing: Identify strategies and options for HVCRT Knowledge Transfer to ensure VCRT reports are widely available and products and recommendations are utilized and leveraged; and that the sector is widely engaged at an early stage in other initiatives discussed at the VCRT. Victor Santacruz / Industry Engagement Division (IED) / CHC / COHA April 2017
18-3 Communications/Information sharing: Post the Report of the Access to Innovation Research Working Group on the HVCRT- FTP site, along with background information gathered on research funding models in other jurisdictions. Also to post on FTP site, other reports and links on the HVCRT discussed at this meeting, including the Labour Working Group Report, and the link to Canadian Food Inspection Agency's consultations IED Done
18-4 Research: Access to Innovation and Research Working Group to discuss cluster funding models. Hans Buchler March 2017
18-5 Environment: A plan will be developed for Roundtable action on the potential impacts on the sector of carbon pricing. Andrew Morse June 2017
18-6 Environment: The Sustainability Working Group will review its workplan; and assess the benefits of joining the Working Group on Sustainability and Climate Change of the All Chairs Forum. Andrew Morse June 2017
18-7 Pest Control Products: A plan will be developed for Roundtable action on access to pest control products. Rebecca Lee June 2017
18-8 Ornamentals: The Ornamentals Working Group will proceed with a renewal process of its membership and agenda. Andrew Kuyvenhoven June 2017
18-9 Public Trust: Brian Gilroy will attend the Public Trust "Hub" meeting in Toronto and gather more information on questions raised by Roundtable members. Brian Gilroy On-going

Annex B: Participants



Industry observers

Youth representative


Provincial governments

Federal government

Guest speakers

Federal observers

Federal support

Annex C: Next Policy Framework – Horticulture industry input

Markets and Trade

Science, Research and Innovation

Business Risk Management

Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

Value-Added Agriculture and Agri-Food Processing

Public Trust

Other issues

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