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Sixth meeting of the Bee Health Roundtable: Record of decision

January 24, 2018 – Ottawa, Ontario

Key decision points


Recent developments and emerging issues

Pollinator Strategy Pillar

Products and Solutions Pillar

Research Pillar

Knowledge Transfer / Communications Pillar

Public Trust Steering Committee

Strategic planning


Annex A: Bee Health Roundtable action items

Meeting / Item # Description Responsibility Timeline
6-1 CHC to respond to Economic Strategy Table questions. Questions and answers to be shared with all Roundtable members. Canadian Honey Council March 31, 2018
6-2 Control Pesticide Working Group (CPWG) to consider “scoping” of fungicide issue from beekeeping perspective. Multi-stakeholder Forum to be asked to review related issues by BHRT. CPWG Winter 2019
6-3 BHRT members to consider opportunities for discussion between beekeepers and producers to be proactive on issues related to fungicide. CPWG/ Communication Working Group Summer 2018
6-4 CPWG to update Roundtable members on pesticide reference projects as it progresses for feedback and input. CPWG Fall 2018
6-5 Identify Roundtable member to participate on HBHC nutrition challenge calls for information. Canadian Honey Council Fall 2018
6-6 Research Working Group to consider Roundtable advice on options for further work, and develop options for further Roundtable discussion. Research Working Group Fall 2018
6-7 Consult within AAFC regarding the value of pollination to ecosystems services. AAFC Fall 2018
6-8 HBIRG to discuss options to support the Queen Bee Reference Guide. HBIRG Summer 2018
6-9 Roundtable members to consider contributing funding to support BHRT communications initiatives, including development of a modular/multi-functional set of new tools (ex: report, letters, articles). All/ Communications Working Group Fall 2018
6-10 Development of communications plans for current BHRT tools. Communications Working Group Ongoing
6-11 All Working Groups to review proposed issues identified during the strategic planning discussion, select/define those appropriate for possible Roundtable action, and make recommendations regarding priorities and possible actions by the Roundtable. All Fall 2018

Annex B: Participants



Provincial government

Federal government

Guests / speakers

Federal support

Industry observers

Provincial government observers

Federal government observers

Annex C: Report of the Bee Health Roundtable strategic planning discussion - Forward agenda options and proposals (by working group or issue/initiative)

Best Management Practices (BMPs)




Honey/Beekeeping sector specific issues

HBIRG priorities

Honey Council – sector-specific issues

Issues identified in general discussion (to be assigned to working groups)

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