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Twentieth meeting of the Agri-Subcommittee on Food Safety: Record of decision

November 6, 2018 – Ottawa, Ontario

Key decision points

  • The meeting focused on the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) including their impacts and approaches to outcome-based food safety and public trust.
  • As requested, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will provide an update on their training efforts to prepare the inspectorate for the introduction of SFCR at the next ASFS meeting. To complement this discussion, industry will share their experiences to date with regard to the new SFCR and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) will share the impacts of the SFCR on Canadian exports.
  • ASFS members will continue to discuss how this committee can provide value for the agriculture sector moving forward.
  • CFIA provided information on their appeals and escalation process for validation or inspection decisions. To further this discussion, the CFIA Inspector General will be invited to present at a future ASFS meeting on their role in CFIA.

A full listing of decisions is found in Annex A.


Co-chairs welcomed participants and reviewed the meeting agenda.

Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR)

The Application of an Outcome-Based Approach to Food Safety

CFIA’s Appeal Process of Inspection Decisions

ASFS: Accomplishments and Review

A Food Policy for Canada

AAFC shared the results of A Food Policy for Canada’s national consultations to receive feedback. Questions posed focused on how the food policy relates to public trust and to the mandate of the ASFS, as well as on food safety more broadly.

Building Public Trust

Roundtable discussion

ASFS industry members provided updates on their respective roundtables and on activities of interest to their sector/industry.


The next ASFS meeting is tentatively scheduled for spring 2019.

Annex A

Action Items
Action Item Description Responsibility Timeline
20-1 The Canadian National Millers Association to complete a discussion paper regarding sector-specific guidance for grain-based foods, based on the experience of the USFDA and industry gained in implementing the Food Safety Modernization Act and its related rules. The proposed paper will be circulated to ASFS members upon completion. Canadian National Millers Association Spring 2019 (tentative)
20-2 The discussion on the Safe Foods For Canadians Regulations (SFCR) was timely. To continue the momentum on this topic, future ASFS meetings will include presentations on:
  1. CFIA training efforts to prepare the inspectorate on the SFCR.
  2. Inspected parties and their experiences with the new regulations (both existing and new inspected parties).
  3. AAFC-CFIA International Affairs Branch to inform how the SFCRs impacts Canadian exports.
CFIA/AAFC Spring 2019
20-3 Interested parties are invited to attend the CSCFSC’s workshop on the use of risk management tools (that is, food safety objectives, performance objectives and performance criterion) in Canada’s outcome-based food safety regulatory system. All June 2019
20-4 Continue the discussion on the ASFS accomplishments and review, following up on the momentum at the coming ASFS or in a mid-session webinar/call.
  • ASFS members to provide written comments on questions posed in presentation.
  • AAFC to compile a list of consultative groups related to food safety and regulations.
AAFC Spring 2019
20-5 AAFC to circulate the results of the 2018 public trust research conducted by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI). AAFC November 2018



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