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Canadian agri-food sector

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Sector specific

Food products

Processed food and beverages, help with regulatory requirements, regulatory approval process , regulations in the sector, Spirit Drinks Trade Act

Animal industry

Dairy, livestock breeding, statistical and market information, poultry, eggs, red meat, livestock, African Swine Fever


Forecast for principal field crops, feed grain facts, current and historical Canadian grain data


Sector overviews, market information (Infohort), statistical reports and data


Fields of Science

Meet our scientists, discover their work, see how their research impacts you

Value chain roundtables

Sector-specific groups, industry-government led, for competitiveness and profitability

Step up to the plate

Jobs in agriculture and agri-food

Related topics

Agricultural Practices

Farming practices to preserve land and water

Explore international markets

Agriculture and food opportunities, market trends and forecasts, Canada’s free trade agreements

Library of agriculture

Canadian Agricultural Library, Federal Science Library, Publicentrale

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