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Eleventh meeting of the Food Processing Industry Roundtable

June 11 to 12, 2019 – Montreal, Quebec

Opening remarks


Strategic Innovation Fund

Tax Policy / Competitiveness

Industry 4.0

Recap since the last Food Processing Industry Roundtable meeting

Carbon Pollution Pricing

Product of Canada

Regulatory Review


A Food Policy for Canada

Value Chain Roundtable Revitalization

Meeting wrap up and adjournment

Annex A – Action Items

Food Processing Industry Roundtable Action Items – June 11 to 12, 2019
Action Item Identifier
(meeting number - agenda item number)
Trade 11-1 Members with an interest on Tariff Rate Quotas allocation review currently underway should follow up with Global Affairs Canada (keeping AAFC aware of their interests).
Strategic Innovation Fund 11-2i SIF successful applicants will be announced in coming weeks. It will be important to keep FPIRT members aware of those as they could facilitate the creation of consortiums of food processors, suppliers, and academics to generate SIF-type activities. (for example, companies involved in the plastics supply chain).
11-2ii To develop a roadmap to demonstrate how such collaborations can be created.
Tax Policy 11-3i Examine the question of whether the food industry is in a net investment outflow situation.
11-3ii Consider a scoping exercise on how to better assess the state of competitiveness of the food processing sector vis-à-vis the United States.
Industry 4.0 11-4 Follow up to the CAI study with an examination of the impact of moving to 4.0 and the associated change in demand for skilled labour in the sector.
Carbon Pollution Pricing 11-6 Future meetings should focus on providing members with information on industry’s current best practices to reduce emissions and share company activities in this regard.
Regulatory Review 11-7 Members should participate in the current Product of Canada online consultation.
11-8i FPIRT to offer its views on which regulatory components of the roadmap are of greatest importance.
11-8ii Members to review letter from Health Canada dated May 29, 2019 and provide feedback.
Labour 11-9i AAFC, ESDC and IRCC will share with the FPIRT analysis with respect to economic impacts of current labour shortages in the sector.
11-9ii FPIRT members will work with AAFC, based on the framework presented by Food & Beverage Canada, to identify priorities, potential mitigating actions and areas of analysis to support industry efforts to address urgent needs.
Food Policy 11-10 Continue to engage FPIRT on the implementation of specific elements of the Policy, notably branding initiatives.

Annex B – Participants




Provincial government

Federal government

Guests / Speakers

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