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Sixteenth meeting of the Grains Roundtable: Record of decision

October 25, 2018 – Ottawa, Ontario

Key decision points

A list of action items/recommendations may be found in Annex A.


Federal Government updates

Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table (EST) recommendations

Regulatory Review

Agri-Food Regulatory Roadmap

Canadian Grain Commission Modernization

Plant breeding innovation

Biotech Working Group update

Grain sector collaboration

Value creation models for cereal breeding

Seed Synergy

Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

Public Trust


Annex A : Action Items / Recommendations

Meeting / Item # Description Responsibility Timeline
16-1 Conference Calls of the GRT:
It was agreed that conference calls of the GRT be organized prior to the Spring 2019 GRT meeting to include the topics of:
  • Canada’s Feed Sector and Regulatory Modernization
  • Food & Feed Safety Working Group
  • Electronic Phytosanitary Certification
AAFC Spring 2019
16-2 PMRA Re-evaluation Review:
GRT members are encouraged to participate in the PMRA review of its re-evaluation program this Fall/Winter.
AAFC will provide the GRT with background documents and timelines regarding the consultation process.
AAFC December 2018
16-3 Government update on trade topics:
GRT industry members requests an update on the direction given by the GRT that:
  • Canada respond publicly and aggressively against measures being taken by international trade partners (for example, Italy pasta COOL) that is leading to increased protectionism and is harmful to trade relations (Action item 15-15) and
  • Canada be one of the first six countries to be a signatory to ratify the CPTTP and press to have legislation presented at this Spring 2018 Parliamentary session (Action item 15-16)
AAFC will provide an update either in writing or by conference call.
AAFC December 2018
16-4 Agri-food Economic Strategy:
The Canada Grains Council to draft a letter on behalf of the industry members of the GRT to be sent to the Government of Canada (Ministers MacAulay and Bains) to outline proposed actions for the implementation of recommendations of the Agri-food EST.
Canada Grains Council will monitor implementation progress of EST recommendations and advise the GRT on topics/strategies that may require a more concerted effort.
Canada Grains Council December 2018
16-5 Agri-Food Regulatory Roadmap:
The Canada Grains Council will review information provided by government on the Regulatory Review, request a discussion with key departments in advance of Cabinet approval, and report back to the GRT on possible next steps.
Canada Grains Council December 2019
16-6 Canadian Grain Commission Modernization:
AAFC will work with the Canadian Grain Commission to respond to specific recommendations put forward in the GRT submission to the Agri-food EST and in the Treasury Board Regulatory Review.
AAFC and CGC May 2019
16-7 Canadian Grain Commission Modernization:
The Canadian Grain Commission will recommend that the Eastern and Western Standards Committee take into consideration quality standards for grading and functionality for new plants and crops not currently identified in the Canada Grain Act.
CGC May 2019
16-8 Plant Breeding Innovation and Regulatory Review:
The Biotech Working Group technical group will develop an action plan to establish both short-term and longer-term deliverables on the regulatory process for plant breeding innovation and share with the GRT by December 1, 2018.
A report will be provided to the GRT by March 2019 on options for policy guidance and delivery of programs to bring greater clarity in the regulatory process in plant breeding innovation.
GRT BWG Dec 2018
March 2019
16-9 Value Creation:
A conference call of the GRT will be held in early 2019 to provide an update on the Value Creation pre-consultation phase following the four face-to-face stakeholder consultations and discuss next steps.
AAFC/CFIA Jan/Feb 2019
16-10 Seed Synergy:
The Canadian Seed Trade Association (CSTA) will share with GRT the results of their member survey on current and future investment in the seed sector (2017 to 2022) when released.
CSTA May 2019
16-11 Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety:
AAFC will provide the GRT a summary of the outcomes of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety meeting being held in Egypt in November 2018.
AAFC May 2019
16-12 Public Trust:
The Public Trust Working Group will provide an update at the GRT Spring 2019 meeting.
GRT March 2019

Annex B: Participants


Industry Members

Provincial Government Members

Federal Government Members

Guests / Speakers

Industry Observers

Federal Government

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