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Fifteenth meeting of the Grains Roundtable: Record of decision

March 29, 2018 – Toronto, Ontario

Key decision points

A full listing of action items / decisions may be found in Annex A.


Federal Government Updates

Value Creation Models for Cereals Breeding

Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table

Maximum Residue Limits and Pesticide Approval

Public Trust

Plant Breeding Innovations

Trade Negotiations

Food and Feed Safety Working Group

Climate Change and Environment Working Group


Annex A: Action items and recommendations

Meeting / Item Number Action Items Responsibility Timelines
15-1 Federal budget 2018:
AAFC to provide more information on details regarding the three-year process of modernizing the regulatory framework for agri-food and aquaculture as it becomes available.
AAFC - SPB October 2018
15-2 Federal budget 2018:
Additional information to be provided on the Budget 2018 proposal for a stronger diplomatic presence and trade promotion in China / Asia as it becomes available.
October 2018
15-3 Value creation in cereals breeding:
GRT industry co-chair to send a letter to the Government of Canada highlighting the urgency of the need for leadership on value creation in cereals breeding.
GRT industry co-chair October 2018
15-4 Agri-food economic strategy table:
The GRT to hold a conference call to receive a debrief on the outcomes of the Value Chain Roundtable All Chairs meeting being held on April 27, 2018.
GRT - IED May 2018
15-5 Agri-food economic strategy table:
The input of individual Value Chain Roundtables to the Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table be provided to GRT members.
AAFC - IED May 2018
15-6 Agri-food economic strategy table:
The GRT endorses the amended grain sector input to the Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table and requested the submission be made by March 31, 2018.
AAFC-IED March 2018
15-7 Agri-food economic strategy table:
The GRT committed to providing industry input to implement or to further develop recommendations from the Agri-Food Economic Strategy Table.
GRT industry members December 2018
15-8 MRLs & pesticide approvals:
AAFC will provide the web link to documents on key regulatory issues currently facing the EU as referenced in the European Crop Protection Agency presentation.
AAFC - GAOD April 2018
15-9 MRLs & pesticide approvals:
GRT industry members endorsed the Re-Evaluation Concerns White Paper which will be used for renewed advocacy with senior federal government officials and at the political level.
GRT industry members Ongoing

Public trust:
The GRT endorsed the proposed template to analyze key public trust issues affecting the grains sector and the suggested process going forward.

The GRT provided the following direction to the working group:

  • continue to analyze priorities affecting the grain sector and identify root causes, cross-cutting linkages, and prioritize actions on key public trust issues.
  • the working group will return to the GRT with suggested actions for review and comment (completed templates by December 2018 and proposed actions by March 2019).

Next steps could include a proposal on the subject of Public Trust be considered for application under CAP programs.

Public Trust WG

October 2018

Spring 2019

15-11 Plant breeding innovations:
The GRT industry members support sending a letter to the Minister of Agriculture on the subject of driving investment in plant breeding innovation in Canada. This letter to be co-signed by the industry co-chairs of the Seed Sector VCRT and GRT.
GRT and Seed Sector VCRT April 2018
15-12 Food and feed safety working group:
The GRT will dedicate one hour for a discussion on food and feed safety at the fall GRT meeting.
AAFC - GAOD October 2018
15-13 Food and feed safety working group:
AAFC will work with the CFIA and the Canadian Grain Commission to confirm federal leadership on the Food and Feed Safety Working Group.
AAFC - SDAD October 2018

Climate change & the environment WG:
GRT endorsed the recommendation that the Climate Change and Environment Working Group be wound down with information sessions offered on subjects such as:

  • AAFC analysis of carbon pricing on primary agriculture
  • Update on the Clean Fuel Standard
  • Update on the federal backstop elements and provincial carbon pricing plans

Update on federal and provincial carbon offset programs

Climate Change & the Environment WG December 2018
15-15 Trade relations:
The GRT requests that Canada respond publicly and aggressively against measures being taken by international trading partners [for example, the Italy pasta Country of Origin Labelling (COOL) measure] that is leading to increased protectionism and is harmful to trade relations.
Industry members of GRT October 2018
15-16 Trade negotiations:
The GRT recommends that Canada be one of the first six countries to be a signatory to ratify the CPTPP and press to have legislation presented at this spring 2018 Parliamentary session.
Industry members of GRT October 2018
15-17 Trade negotiations:
GRT members interested in the AAFC regularly scheduled trade updates are invited to participate (please follow the instructions provided in the GRT materials on steps to enroll).
GRT members October 2018

Annex B: Participants


Industry members

Provincial government members

Federal government members

Guests / Speakers

Federal support

Industry observers

Federal government observers

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