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Red meat animal genetics reports

This section provides information on animal registrations by species, along with other sectoral reports and links.

Animal registrations

Welcome to the Agricultural Industry Market Information System (AIMIS) genetics database. This section houses reports on the registrations by species and breed registered as purebred and non-purebred in accordance with the Animal Pedigree Act.

This section also provides animal registration information from artificial insemination sires as well as embryo transfers, and memberships. These reports are available in various formats.

For customized reports, please utilize the AIMIS database link provided below:

Open data portal

Animal Registrations and Transfers
Animal registrations and transfers for purebred and non-purebred animals, including those animals' species, breeds, genders, quantities, and their origins.

Other industry reports and links:

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Our service standards

Service standards play a vital role in our market information program’s commitment to planning, reporting and performance management. They clearly define the level of service that clients can expect under normal circumstances.

View the Service standards for red meat and livestock reports.

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