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Animal Pedigree Act Secretary's Manual - Table of Contents

Breed codes

The following is a list of breed codes for livestock species in Canada. The Canadian Association of Animal Breeders (CAAB) has coordinated the assignment of breed codes with the U.S. National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) to ensure they are unique. These are listed by species type under the CAAB/NAAB column. The primary use of breed codes by CAAB and NAAB has been for assigning identification to packaged semen and embryos for domestic and international use. The list of codes is regularly updated to reflect new breed introductions.

Breed codes are also increasingly used in other databases and for identification where multiple breeds are being processed, such as in performance recording programs and in registries. Breeds which have been recognized under the Animal Pedigree Act (APA) are listed with their breed codes under the APA column. However, not all recognized breeds and species are contained in the list. Other breeds which are coded by CAAB/NAAB may not be recognized under the APA as true breeds. Also, various lines or strains may exist within a breed, in which case only a single breed code is shown. For example, although Shorthorn may be classified as milking or dual purpose, polled, beef scotch or illawarra, all are assigned the breed code SS in this table. Individual databases may also choose to designate breed codes according to the specific strain or establish proprietary breed codes.

01 - Bovine Dairy Breed Codes
BreedCAAB/NAAB Breed Codes APA (Strains/lines) Breed Codes Other Breed Codes
American Lineback LD    
Ayrshire AY AY  
Brown Swiss (dairy) BS BS  
Canadienne CN CN
Galloway (dairy) GD    
Guernsey GU GU  
Holstein HO HO  
Jersey JE JE  
Red & White (Red Holstein) WW HO (WW)  
Rouge Flamand(e) FM FM  
Shorthorn (Milking or Dual) MS SS  
02 - Bovine Beef Breed Codes
Breed CAAB/NAAB Breed Codes APA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
Aberdeen Angus AN AN  
Abondance AB SM  
Africander AF    
Alpine AL    
American Breed AE    
Amerifax AM    
Ankina AK    
AnkoleWatusi AW    
Aubrac AU AU  
Barzona BA    
Beefalo BE    
Beef Friesian BF    
Beefmaster BM    
Belgian Blue BB BB  
Belted Galloway BG GA (BG)  
Blonde D'aquitaine BD BD  
Braford BO    
Brahman BR BR  
Brahmental BH    
Brahmousin BI    
Braler BL    
Brangus BN    
Braunveih BU BS (BU)  
British White BW    
Brown Swiss (beef) SB BS  
Buelingo BQ    
Campine Red Pied CP    
Charbray CB    
Charolais CH CH  
ChiAngus CG    
Chianina CA CA  
Chi-maine CM    
Cumberland CU    
Danish Red & White RW    
Danish Black & White DB    
Danish Jersey DJ    
Devon DE DE  
Dexter DR DR  
Dutch Belted DL    
East Flemish Red Pied FP    
Eringer ER ER  
Flamand[e] FA    
Fleckvieh FL SM (FL)  
Fribourg FR    
Friesian (Belgium) FB    
Friesian (Dutch) DF    
Galloway (Black, White) GA GA  
Gascon GS GS  
Gelbray GE    
Gelbvieh GV GV  
Grauvieh GI    
Groiningen GR    
Guzera GZ    
Gyr (or Gir) GY    
Hays Converter HC HC  
Hereford (Horned) HH HH  
Hereford (Polled) HP HH (HP)  
Highland (Scottish) SH SH  
Hybrid (Alberta Synthetic) HY    
Indu Brazil IB    
Kerry KY KY  
Limousin LM LM  
Lincoln Red LR SS (LR)  
Lowline LO LO  
Luing LU LU  
MaineAnjou MA MA  
Mandalong Special ML    
Marchigiana MR MR  
Maremmana ME    
MeuseRhineIssel MI MI  
Mexican Corriente MC    
Montbeliard MO SM  
Murrah (water buffalo) MU    
Murray Grey MG MG  
Nellore NE    
Normande NM NM  
Norwegian Red NR NR  
Parthenaise PA PA  
Pie Rouge de l'Est PR SM (PR)  
Piedmontese PI PI  
Pinzgauer PZ PZ  
Ranger RA    
Red Angus AR AN (AR)  
Red Brahman RR    
Red Brangus RB    
Red Dane (Danish Red) RD    
Red Poll RP RP  
Romagnola RN RN  
Rotbunte RO    
Rouge du Nord DN    
Sahiwal SW    
Salers SA SA  
Santa Gertrudis SG SG  
Semepol SL    
Senapol SE    
Shaver Beef Blend SV    
Shorthorn (Beef Scotch) SS SS  
Shorthorn (Polled) SP SS (SP)  
Shorthorn (Illawarra) IS SS (IS)  
Simbrah SI    
Simmental SM SM  
South Devon DS DS  
Sussex SX    
Taba-pua TB    
Tarentaise TA TA  
Tasmanian Grey TG    
Taurindicus TN    
Texas Longhorn TL    
Tuli TI    
Wagyu (Kobe) KB KB  
Welsh Black WB WB  
West Femish Red WF    
White Park WP    
Yak YA    
Crossbreeds (Twinner) XT    
Crossbreds XX    
03 - Swine Breed Codes
Breed CAAB/NAAB Breed Codes APA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
Berkshire BK BK B
Chester White CW CW W
Duroc (Jersey) DU DU D
Hampshire HA HA H
Lacombe LC LC C
Landrace LA LA L
Large Black LB LB K
Large White LW YO (LW)  
Managra     M
Newfoundland     NE
Pietrain PE PE E
Poland China PC PC P
Red Wattle RW RW R
Spotted SO SO S
Tamworth TM TM T
Welsh     WE
Wessex Saddleback WS    
Yorkshire YO YO Y
Crossbred (unknown)     9
04 - Goat Breed Codes
Breed CAAB/NAAB Breed Codes APA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
Alpine AI AI  
Angora AG AG  
Boer BZ BZ  
Cashmere CS    
La Mancha LN LN  
Nigerian Dwarf ND ND  
Nubian NU NU  
Oberhasli OH OH  
Pygmy PY PY  
Saanen EN EN  
Toggenburg TO TO  
05 - Sheep Breed Codes
Breed CAAB/NAAB Breed Codes APA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
Arcott Canadian CD CD  
Arcott Outaouais OU OU  
Arcott Rideau RI RI  
Barbados Black Belly LY    
Black Face FB SC  
Black Welsh Mountain BW    
Blue Faced Leceister BF HL  
Booroola BO BO  
Border Cheviot BC BC  
Charollais CO CO
Clun Forest CF CF
Columbia CL CL  
Coopworth CP CP
Corriedale CR CR
Cotswold CW CW  
Dorper DO DO  
Dorset - Horned DH DP(DH)  
Dorset - Polled DP DP  
Drysdale DY DY  
East Friesian EF EF  
Finnish Landrace FN FN  
Hampshire HS HS  
Hybrid HY    
Icelandic IL IL  
Île de France IF    
Jacob JA JA  
Karakul KK KK  
Katahdin KA KA  
Kerry Hill KH KH  
Lacaune CU    
Leicester - Border BL BL  
Leicester - English LE LE  
Leicester - Hexam HL HL  
Lincoln LI LI  
Merino MM MM  
Merino Polled MP MM(MP)  
Montadale MT MT  
Newfoundland Loco NL    
North Country Cheviot NC NC  
Oxford OX OX  
Perendale PE PE  
Polypay PO PO  
Rambouillet RG RG  
Romanov RV RV  
Romnelet RM RM  
Romney RY RY  
Rouge de l'Ouest RO    
Ryeland RL RL  
Scottish Blackface SC SC  
Shropshire SR SR  
Southdown ST ST  
Shetland SL SL  
St. Croix SX    
Suffolk SU SU  
Targhee TA TA  
Texel TX TX  
Tunis TU    
Crossbred - Large XL    
Crossbred - Medium XM    
Crossbred - Small XS    
07 - Bison Breed Codes
BreedCAAB/NAAB Breed CodesAPA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
Wood Bison WO WO  
Plains Bison PB PB  
08 - Horse Breed Codes
BreedCAAB/NAAB Breed CodesAPA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
American Saddlebred AS AS  
Andalusian AA    
Anglo-Arabian AO    
Anglo-Normand NO NO  
Appaloosa AP AP  
Arabian AD AD  
Baden-Wurttemberg BW    
Bayerisches Warmblood BY    
Belgian GI GI  
Belgian Warmblood GW    
Buckskin BU    
Canadian Horse CI CI  
Canadian Warmblood WC WC  
Cheval de Selle Francais FC    
Cleveland Bay CV CV  
Clydesdale CY CY  
Connemara CM    
Danish Warmblood DW    
Dartmoor Pony DT DT  
Dutch Warmblood DW    
Exmoor Pony EX EX  
Fell Pony FE FE  
Fjord FJ FJ  
French Horse FH    
Friesian FR    
Gelderlander GL    
German Warmblood WG    
Hackney Horse HN HN  
Hackney Pony HK HN(HK)  
Halflinger HF HF  
Hanovarian HV    
Hessen HE    
Highland Pony HG HG  
Holsteiner HT    
Hungarian Warmblood HW    
Hunter (Sport Horse) HU HU  
Icelandic IC IC  
Lipizzanner LZ LZ  
Miniature Horse MU MU  
Morgan MN MN  
New Forest NF NF  
Noriker NK NK  
Oldenburg OB    
Paint PT    
Palomino PL PL  
Paso Fino PF PF  
Percheron PH PH  
Peruvian PV PV  
Pinto PN PN  
Polish Warmblood PW    
Polo Pony OL    
Quarter Horse QH QH  
Rheinlander RH    
Rustic Pony RU RU  
Shetland SE SE  
Shire SY SY  
Standardbred SN SN  
Suffolk Punch SF    
Swedish Warmblood WW    
Swiss Horse WI    
Swiss Warmblood IW    
Tarpan TP    
Tennessee Walking TW TW  
Thoroughbred TH TH  
Trakehner TR TR  
Trotteur Francais TF    
Viking (pony) VK VK  
Welsh (pony) WE WE  
Westfalen WF    
Wielkopolski (Polish Trakehner) WR    
Wurttemberg WU    
09 - Llama Breed Codes
Breed CAAB/NAAB Breed Codes APA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
All breeds LL LL  
10 - Alpaca Breed Codes
Breed CAAB/NAAB Breed Codes APA (Strains/lines)
Breed Codes
Other Breed Codes
All breeds AC AC  
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