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Storage stocks raw data file structure and explanation

Storage stocks raw data file - Report 131

Sample file structure: 201001019E91OT0000128


The date is in the format YYYYMMDD. This date is always the first day of the month. The storage stocks included in this record are the stocks which were in storage as at the opening of the first day of business of the month.


For the Atlantic provinces, all data is aggregated under the Atlantic, code (3), with the exception of Product Category Group Code 70 = Total for chicken and turkey, which are separated by Newfoundland and Labrador, code (0), Nova Scotia, code (2), and New Brunswick, code (3); and eggs, which are aggregated under code (0) for Canada.

Exceptions for code 70 = total

Exception for eggs


Product category group code

Product grade


The quantity is in kilograms (kg)

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