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Description of storage stocks categories

Item 1: Chicken, under 2 kg.

Item 2: Chicken, 2 kg. and over

Item 3: Total chicken, cut-up

Item 3.1: Legs

Item 3.2: Breasts

Item 3.3: Wings

Item 3.4: Other

Item 4: Total chicken, further processed

Item 4.1: Boneless breasts

Item 4.2: Other

Item 5: Chicken Miscellaneous

Item 6: Mature chicken (fowl/stewing hens)

Item 7: Turkeys, 5 kg. and under

Item 8: Turkeys, over 5 kg. but not more that 7 kg.

Item 9: Turkeys, over 7 kg. but not more than 9 kg.

Item 10: Turkeys, over 9 kg. but not more than 11 kg.

Item 11: Turkeys. over 11 kg.

Item 12: Turkeys, cut-up

Uncooked, bone-in and/or boneless

Item 13: Turkeys, further processed

Cooked bone-in, and/or boneless - cooked, marinated or raw

Item 14: Turkeys, Miscellaneous

Item 15: Ducks

Raw, cooked, bone-in, boneless

Item 16: Geese

Raw, cooked, bone-in, boneless

Item 17: Unclassifed or miscellaneous frozen poultry products

Except fat, broth or soups with some exceptions, these are generally products which cannot - with any confidence - be placed in the categories above. If a product is labelled "turkey", "duck" or "geese", then it is likely to be only that product and should be placed under the appropriate categories; whereas a product labelled "chicken" – particularly one which has been chopped, diced or formed, can only safely be said to be a species of chicken and might be prepared from broiler chicken and/or mature chicken. If there is any uncertainty as to whether a product labelled "chicken" may contain mature chicken (stewing hen/fowl) then it should be reported under the "Unclassified" category and not in the cateories above.

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