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Storage stocks background information

All cold storage warehouses in Canada are required to submit to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC) an inventory of its frozen poultry and egg product stored on premises on the first full business day of each month. The inventory reflects what is residing in the warehouse on that day; it is not a cumulative total for the entire month.

The collection of poultry and egg storage stocks information is a jointly operated program within the Federal Government of Canada. Poultry and Egg storage stocks data is shared between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Statistics Canada.

Storage stocks information is a central piece of information for the supply managed sectors such as chicken, turkey and egg, when setting poultry quota/allocation. This information is also an important industry indicator, and is used by governments, industry organizations, processors and retailers in evaluating programs and making policy and business decisions. The quality of the data is dependent on the completeness of the information received.

AAFC in collaboration with Statistics Canada issue forms for collection. AAFC is responsible to collect the data; final monthly reports are published by both AAFC and Statistics Canada.

Collection process in more detail

Revisions to the storage data

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