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Egg prices raw data file structure and explanation

Egg prices raw data file - Report 040

Raw data file structure: 1992010409F9AX11901280


The date is in the format YYYYMMDD. This date is always a Saturday. The prices included in these records are the prices which were in effect during the seven days of data up to and including the date of the record (ie. Sunday to Saturday).

Provincial code

Source category

This is the code which is used to determine which level of pricing is being quoted in the data file.

City or Province

  • V = Vancouver
  • E = Edmonton
  • C = Calgary
  • S = Saskatoon
  • R = Regina
  • W = Winnipeg
  • T = Toronto
  • L = London
  • O = Ottawa
  • M = Montreal
  • Q = Quebec City
  • F = Fredericton
  • K = Kentville
  • H = Charlottetown
  • J = St-John's

  • 0 = Newfoundland and Labrador
  • 1 = Prince Edward Island
  • 2 = Nova Scotia
  • 3 = New Brunswick
  • 4 = Quebec
  • 5 = Ontario
  • 6 = Manitoba
  • 7 = Saskatchewan
  • 8 = Alberta
  • 9 = British Columbia
  • A = Northwest Territories


Price Range

There are only two values for the price range - the low price and the high price - that determine the range. The price in the example above shows a low range of 1190 and a high range of 1280. This can be interpreted as a low price of 1.19 dollars per dozen and a high price of 1.28 dollars per dozen.

A weighted price can be viewed by using the proper Source category i.e. M or W. In these instances, the prices will be the same in both columns.

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