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Hatchery review terms of reference

Data on hatching eggs, day old chicks and poults, and started pullets are collected weekly from all chicken and turkey hatcheries registered under the Federal Hatchery Regulations. For imports of broiler commercial chicks and commercial poults only, these data in addition include imported chicks shipped to producers.

Data reported in the Hatchery Reports are monthly or quarterly, by province or region with a Canada total, and with comparative data for the previous year. For most tables year-to-date figures are also given. All data are in thousands of actual numbers.

Monthly figures are calculated from the weekly reports. If the month terminates or begins in the middle of a week, then the weekly figures are split, so that the month represents the actual number of days in the month.

Data from the Atlantic Provinces are totalled to protect the confidentiality of the hatcheries.

Report 103 - Eggs set and chicks/poults hatched - placement of chicks/poults

Chicken (egg-type and broiler-type)


Report 108 - Chicks/Poults unsold

Chicken(egg-type and broiler-type)


Report 109 - Interprovincial Movements

Report 109 shows interprovincial movement of products from a province and to another province. The figure in the provincial part of the report showing 'from' the Atlantic Provinces and 'to' the Atlantic, represents movement within the Atlantic provinces, i.e., between Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Chicken (egg-type and broiler-type)


Report 116/117 - Imports and Exports

Chicken (egg-type and broiler-type)






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