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Extreme Weather Indices

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A suite of extreme weather indices has been created to help with agricultural decision-making. The indices are short-term weekly forecasts (for up to a month ahead) that predict risks to agricultural production from extreme weather factors related to temperature, precipitation, heat, and wind. New users may want to start with the Learn About link below. More experienced users may want to go directly to View the Maps and Downlod Data links.

Click on any of the four sections below to:

Learn about the Extreme Weather Indices

View Extreme Weather Indices and Probability maps

The tool below allows you to choose from among a dozen extreme weather index forecasts and view maps of both where the forecast is expected, and the forecast confidence.

Make your choices using the drop down menus, and then view the selected forecasted index in the first map, and the confidence (probability) of that forecast being correct in the second map. Note that selection options change throughout the season; if a selection in the pull-down menu is grey it is currently not available, but it will be later in the season.

Printable PDF maps of your choices can be downloaded using the link above the maps.

View the Map Production Schedule

Refer to the schedule below to understand when each extreme weather index map is available on Drought Watch or Open Data. The availability of the indices changes throughout the year.

Download the Indices Datasets

This option allows you to download the digital datasets. Select the Extreme Weather category below to access Extreme Weather Indices products and metadata on Open Data.

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