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Growth and maintenance of trees

After a good plan for a new planting of trees has been developed, a number of factors should be considered to ensure that the result is a healthy stand of trees. Seedlings must be handled properly prior to and during planting to increase their chances of survival. The area to be planted must be properly prepared for the new plants. After new trees have been successfully planted they must be provided with adequate water sustain them and allow for good root development. Weed control is essential to reduce competition for moisture and nutrients. Cultivation for weed control must be done carefully to prevent injury to tree roots. Similarly, trees may have to be protected from wildlife to prevent eating and trampling of seedlings. Once a new planting is established it requires on-going maintenance. Although fertilizer applied at the soil surface is not recommended for newly planted trees, nutrient supplements may be beneficial once trees are more mature. As shelterbelts and agroforestry plantings grow older there may be some requirements for pruning to remove dead, diseased and broken branches.

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