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AgriStability: Cash Reference Margin Pilot 2021 Program Year Consent Form

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Please complete, print and send the form by mail or fax.

Under the Cash Reference Margin Pilot, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) will calculate your reference margin using the cash income and expenses you reported for income tax purposes with no accrual adjustments applied. To participate in the pilot for the 2021 program year, you must:

For combined operations, each member of the whole farm must participate in the pilot. For partnerships, each partner can decide if they want to participate.

If you are a new or rejoining participant, AAFC will contact you to request the additional information AAFC will need to build your reference margin.

If you joined the pilot for the 2020 program year, you will automatically be included in the pilot for 2021.

Protected B when complete

Section 1 - Participant Identification

Section 2 - Confidential information and participant consent

AAFC is committed to protecting the privacy of your information. The information on this form is collected under the authority of Section 4 of the Farm Income Protection Act and will be used to administer your participation in the AgriStability Cash Reference Margin Pilot.

By submitting this form, you:

  1. agree to participate in the Cash Reference Margin Pilot for the 2021 program year
  2. understand that your reference margin will be calculated on the cash basis and you will not be able to change back to the accrual method for the 2021 program year
  3. understand that if you receive an Interim payment for the 2021 program year before joining the pilot, your reference margin used to calculate your interim payment will be different from the reference margin used to calculate your 2021 final benefit. If your interim payment is greater than your final benefit you will have to repay the overpayment.
  4. understand that if your operation is combined with another operation, you can only participate in the pilot if all members of the combined operation also participate in the pilot

You have the right to request access to your personal information held by AAFC and to request changes to incorrect personal information. For more information about your rights under the Privacy Act, contact the AAFC Access to Information Privacy Coordinator at and reference AAFC PPU 183 and/or CRA PPU 005.

Section 3 - Send your completed form

Mail or fax

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