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Can I submit an appeal?

You can request an adjustment if you think any of the information we used to process your form was incorrect. For more information on adjustments, see How do I make an adjustment to my form?

If we deny your adjustment, you can request an appeal within 90 days from the date we notify you.

For issues not related to adjustments, you have 90 days from the date we notify you of a decision we've taken to request an appeal. For example, if you submit a form after the filing deadline, you can request an appeal within 90 days from the date we notify you that your form is ineligible.

You may submit an appeal if:

AgriInvest appeal process

Step 1 – Send your written appeal

Complete your written appeal using the AgriInvest: Appeal Submission Form. Send your completed form and any attachments to:

AgriInvest Program Appeals
PO Box 3200
Winnipeg MB R3C 5R7

Toll-free fax: 1-877-949-4885

Step 2 – We will confirm receipt of your appeal

We will send you a letter confirming that we received your appeal request, usually within 5 business days.

Step 3 – Internal review of your request

If you missed a deadline, we will review your submission to determine if exceptional circumstances caused you to miss the deadline. The AgriInvest Program Guidelines give us the authority to waive missed deadlines when exceptional circumstances are the reason for the missed deadline.

Some examples of exceptional circumstances that we will accept include:

We will not waive a deadline if you:

Disagreeing with program rules is not a valid reason for appeal. However, if you feel that we did not correctly apply the AgriInvest rules to your form, we will conduct an internal review, independent of regular processing, to see if we made any errors when we processed your form. If we are unable to resolve your request, your case may be referred to the Appeals Committee for review.

Step 4 – Review of the appeal submission

If your appeal does not contravene program policy, and we cannot resolve your request through an adjustment, we will prepare an Administration's Submission Form outlining our position.

We will send the Administration's Submission Form and your Appeal Submission Form to you for review. You will have three weeks to provide any additional information to support your appeal.

Step 5 – Appeals Committee meeting

We will forward the Administration's Submission Form and your Appeal Submission Form to the Appeals Committee for review. You and your form preparer can attend the meeting by phone. You must provide at least 14 days' notice if you wish to attend the meeting.

The Appeals Committee consists of producers from across the provinces\territories where AgriInvest is delivered by the federal government. A group of 3 to 5 producers will review your case.

The Appeals Committee will make a recommendation based on the information included in the Administration's Submission Form and your Appeal Submission Form. The Appeals Committee will not consider any new information that was not included in these submissions.

The role of the Appeals Committee is to review whether we correctly applied the AgriInvest program rules to your form. The Appeals Committee cannot create exceptions to the program rules included in the AgriInvest Guidelines.

Step 6 – We will notify you of the appeal results

We will write you with the results of your appeal within 10 business days from the date of the meeting.

Once a final decision is made on your appeal, there is no further recourse under the program and the appeal is closed.

AgriInvest is delivered by the federal government in all provinces and territories except Quebec. If you live in Quebec, contact your administration, La Financière agricole at 1-800-749-3646 for information on the appeal process.

For detailed program information, see the AgriInvest Program Guidelines.

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