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The AgriInvest Calculator is a tool designed to help you estimate your AgriInvest benefits. You can calculate your estimated program year Allowable Net Sales (ANS) and maximum matchable deposit before receiving a Deposit Notice. The Deposit Notice is based on the information provided on your program year AgriInvest application and includes details on your ANS, maximum matchable deposit and deposit deadline. Deposits made to your account before the issue date of your Deposit Notice will not receive matching government contributions.

Your AgriInvest deposit and matching government contributions are based on a percentage of your ANS. ANS are sales of allowable commodities (including allowable program payments) less purchases of allowable commodities. Allowable commodities include most primary agricultural commodities except those covered under supply management (dairy, poultry and eggs). However, if you produce allowable commodities in addition to supply managed commodities you may be eligible for AgriInvest benefits based on the non-supply managed portion of your farming operation.

You can make a maximum deposit up to 100% of your ANS to your AgriInvest account held at a participating financial institution, with the first 1% matched by governments.

For 2017 and prior program years:

For 2018 and forward:

The results generated by the AgriInvest calculator are an estimate of your ANS and maximum matchable deposit. These calculations may differ from those on your Deposit Notice, which are based on the information provided on your program year AgriInvest application.

For more information on the AgriInvest program, please see the AgriInvest Handbook.

Before you use the AgriInvest Calculator:

Helpful Information:

Using the AgriInvest Calculator:

If you have more than one farming operation, (a sole proprietorship and one or more partnerships) enter the information below for one of your operations. Once you have completed entering the sales and purchases information for that operation, go to the ANS Summary screen and click on "Add Operation" to enter the information for your other operations.

You can use either input method except if you are: reporting custom feeding income, or are a livestock owner, custom feedlot operator or ranch fur operator with prepared feed purchases.

If you meet one of the above criteria you are required to use the Individual Sales and Purchases input method to ensure that your ANS is calculated correctly. The calculator automatically defaults to the Individual Sales and Purchases method. To change the input method to Total Sales and Purchases, select Total Sales and Purchases and click on the Change Method button.

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