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2018 Statement B – Corporation/Co-operative and Special Individual

This Web document is not a form. Its purpose is to display the information as found on the form for viewing purposes only. If you wish to submit a form, you must use 2018 Statement B – Corporations/Co-operatives and Special Individuals (PDF Version, 230 KB)

If you cannot access the alternative format, please call 1-866-367-8506.

Protected B when complete

General information

If you have more than one farming operation (a single farm and one or more partnerships), complete a Statement A for your first farming operation. Complete a Statement B for each of your other farming operations.



Enter the applicable code for each entry on the form. The codes are listed in the Commodity list and in the Program payment lists included in the Harmonized Guide.

Round all income amounts to the nearest dollar.

Commodity sales and program payments
Commodity sales and program paymentsCodeAmount
Total A 9950 $
Other Farming Income
Other farming incomeLineAmount
Other program payments 9540
Business risk management (BRM) and dsaster assistance payments 9544
Resales, rebates, GST/HST for allowable expenses 9574
Resales, rebates, GST/HST for non-allowable expenses, recapture of capital cost allowance (CCA) 9575
Agricultural contract work 9601
Patronage dividends 9605
Interest 9607
Gravel 9610
Trucking (farm-related only) 9611
Resales of commodities purchased 9612
Leases (gas, oil well, surface, etc.) 9613
Machine rentals 9614
Other (specify): 9600
Total B $
Summary of income
Total A
Total B +
Gross farming income (enter on line 9959 on page 3) $


Enter the applicable code for each entry on the form. The codes are listed in the Commodity list and in the Program payment lists included in the Harmonized Guide.

Round all expense amounts to the nearest dollar.

Commodity purchases and repayment of program benefits
Commodity purchases and repayment of program benefitsCodeAmount
Point of sale adjustments 575
Total C 9960 $
Allowable expenses
Allowable expensesLineAmount
Containers and twine 9661
Fertilizers and soil supplements 9662
Pesticides and chemical treatments 9663
Insurance premiums (crop or production) 9665
Veterinary fees, medicine, and breeding fees 9713
Minerals and salts 9714
Machinery (gasoline, diesel fuel, oil) 9764
Electricity 9799
Freight and shipping 9801
Heating fuel 9802
Arm's length salaries 9815
Storage/drying 9822
Commissions and levies 9836
Private insurance premiums for allowable commodities 9953
Total D $
Non-allowable expenses
Non-allowable expensesLineAmount
Machinery (repairs, licenses, insurance) 9760
Machinery lease/rental 9765
Advertising and promotion costs 9792
Building and fence repairs 9795
Land clearing and draining 9796
Agricultural contract work 9798
Other insurance premiums 9804
Interest (real estate, mortgage, other) 9805
Memberships/subscription fees 9807
Office expenses 9808
Legal and accounting fees 9809
Property taxes 9810
Rent (land, buildings, pastures) 9811
Non-arm's length salaries 9816
Motor vehicle expenses 9819
Small tools 9820
Soil testing 9821
Licenses/permits 9823
Telephone 9824
Quota rental (tobacco, dairy) 9825
Gravel 9826
Purchases of commodities resold 9827
Motor vehicle interest and leasing costs 9829
Capital cost allowance 9936
Mandatory inventory adjustments – prior year 9937
Optional inventory adjustments – prior year 9938
Other (specify): 9896
Total E $
Summary of expenses
Total C
Total D +
Total E +
Total expenses (enter on line 9968 on page 3) $

Statement of farming activities (if applicable)

Other items
Other itemsCodeAmount
Gross farming income (enter total from "Summary of income" on page 1) 9959
Minus: Total farming expenses (enter total from "Summary of expenses" on page 2) 9968
Net income (or loss) before adjustments (line 9959 minus line 9968) 9969
Add: Optional inventory adjustments - current year (if applicable) 9941
Add: Mandatory inventory adjustments - current year (if applicable) 9942
Total (Optional inventory adjustments + Mandatory inventory adjustments)
Net income (or loss) after adjustments 9944
Net farming income (or loss) 9946
Shareholder/Member information
Name of shareholder/memberAgriStability/AgriInvest Participant Identification Number (PIN)

Partnership information

Note: Enter a Participant Identification Number (PIN) for each of your partners. Enter the first and last names for individual partners. Enter the corporation’s name for corporate partners. Your partnership’s total shares must equal 100%.

Partnership Information
AgriStability/AgriInvest PINIndividual's first nameIndividual's last nameCorporation name% share

This page to be completed by AgriStability participants only

Crop inventory valuation and productive capacity

Crop inventory valuation and productive capacity
CodeCrop/GradeUnitsAcresUnseedable acresQuantity producedEnding inventoryEnd of year price $
17 Summerfallow acres
18 Pasture acres
19 Wasteland acres

Livestock inventory valuation

Livestock inventory valuation
CodeDescriptionEnding inventoryEnd of year price $

Livestock productive capacity

Productive animals
Productive animalsUnits2018
104 Cattle Number of cows that calved
123 Hogs, farrow to finish Number of sows that farrowed
145 Hogs, farrowing Number of sows that farrowed
Number of feeder livestock
Number of feeder livestockUnits2018
105 Feeder cattle (fed up to 900 lbs) Number of animals fed
106 Finished cattle (fed over 900 lbs) Number of animals fed
125 Hogs, nursery (fed up to 50 lbs) Number of animals fed
124 Hogs, feeders (fed over 50 lbs) Number of animals fed
Custom fed livestock
Custom fed livestockUnits2018
141 Cattle Number of animal feed days
142 Hogs Number of animal feed days
Supply managed commodities
Supply managed commoditiesUnits2018
113 Dairy Kilograms butterfat/day
108 Chickens, layers, broiler eggs for hatching Number producing
109 Chickens, layers, eggs for consumption Number producing
143 Chickens, broilers Kilograms produced
144 Turkeys, broilers Kilograms produced
Other (specify below)
Other (specify below)Units2018

Purchased inputs

Purchased inputs
CodeDescriptionEnd of year amount ($)

Deferred income and receivables

Deferred income and receivables
CodeDescriptionEnding receivables and income deferred to 2019 ($)
4020 Expected grains and oilseeds pool payments

Accounts payable

Accounts payable
CodeDescriptionEnd of year amount ($)
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