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AgriInnovate Program - Applicant guide annexes

Annex A: How to apply

There is a three-stage application process to the AgriInnovate Program:

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Stage 1: Pre-screening, Stage 2: Application, Stage 3: Assessment

Stage 1: Pre-Screening

In stage one of the application process the applicant must complete a pre-screening form. The pre-screening form will be used to assess eligibility based on the mandatory program criteria.

Applicants whose proposed projects are eligible will be contacted by a program representative to discuss the project and next steps.

Applicants who have proposals that meet the priorities of the program will be invited to proceed to stage two of the application process, and required to submit an application form.

Stage 2: Application

Applicants that are invited to submit a full application (stage 2) will have 30 business days to complete the application and supporting documents.

Proposed projects will be assessed based on information provided in both the pre-screening form and on the information provided in the full application package. As the assessment proceeds, the program may request additional information and supporting documentation. Requested information will be required within established deadlines. An invitation to submit a full application does not constitute an offer of funding.

The step-by-step instructions to complete a full application will be provided with the Application form, during stage 2 of the application process.

A list of additional documents that will be required with your application form is provided in Annex B: Part 2. It is important to review this list to ensure that all the documentation will be available, and is included upon submission of your application. Your application must be complete to be fully assessed. Please review the application checklist and ensure that you have included all required documents and have completed all forms according to the instructions from the stage 2 application form instruction guide.

Stage 3: Assessment

Once an application has been deemed complete during stage 2 of the application process, a program representative will advise the applicant of their file completeness date. This date will allow the application to proceed to stage 3 of the application process where it will be assessed based on the program principles.

Annex B: Pre-Screening Form

The pre-screening stage helps interested parties determine, prior to investing valuable time and effort in completing an application under the AgriInnovate Program (AIP-PAI), whether or not they are eligible and whether they are ready to proceed with a formal application. Please read the Applicant guide carefully before completing the applicant pre-screening form to ensure you have a clear understanding of the program eligibility criteria and other requirements.

PDF forms

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How to download and open a PDF form

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Pre-Screening Form PDF

Once you have completed the Pre-screening form (PDF), send it to, and a program representative will contact you within two (2) business days to discuss your project proposal.

Note: Providing inaccurate and/or incomplete information may result in the rejection of an application.

Pre-Screening Form PDF - Things to remember

HTML version of the pre-screening form provided below for information only.

Part 1: Applicant information

Refer to Section 1.3 of the Applicant guide to determine if you are eligible to apply under this program.

Primary contact information

Project information

Benefits to the agriculture sector

Will the project

Benefits to Canada

Will the project

Environmental Sustainability Benefits

Will the project

Benefits to the Company

Will the project

Project costs

What is the estimated cost of the project: $

Breakdown of the project costs
Breakdown of the project costs Amount ($)
Capital assets
Contracted services
Salaries and benefits
Other direct project costs

Funding of project costs

Have you already secured the financing for at least 50% of the total project costs?

Source of funding (max 100 characters per line)
Source of funding Amount secured ($)

If you answered no to any of these questions, you may not be ready to file an application. Please review the Applicant guide to ensure that you have all the required documents ready before applying. If you have any questions regarding the documents that are required to support an application under the ACAP, you may contact us at 1-877-246-4682 or Please note that a copy of this pre-screening form duly completed will be included with your full application.

Part 2: Documents checklist

Applicants whose proposed projects are deemed to meet the priorities of the program will be invited to submit a full application (stage 2). A program representative will contact you to provide instructions.

In addition to the application form that will be provided, the following documents are required as part of a complete application:

List of documents with their description
Document name Description
Signature of applicant authorized representative form Applicants must have their authorized representative(s) sign and attach this form as part of the project application package.
Consent to disclose/copyright form Written consent required by all third-parties that submit personal and/or business information such as biographies as part of a complete application package.
Completed business plan Business plan must demonstrate market need/demand and/or research data, trial tests and analysis information substantiating the innovation component of the project and its readiness for demonstration, commercialization or adoption.
Organizational chart Chart to indicate names and tiles of the management team.
Diagram of the applicant's corporate structure Diagram to include parent and subsidiary companies and their interrelationships and mandates.
Audited or Reviewed Engagement Financial statements.

Statements for the past three years or since the date of business start-up where the business is less than three years old including latest interim financial statements

Financial statements to include an income statement, a balance sheet, cash flow statement and the most recent interim financial statements

Pro Forma Financial Statements Annual pro forma financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement), and assumptions used to arrive at these projections for the duration of the proposed work plan plus the three following years of operation.
Signed copies of all financing agreements related to the project financing plan Documentation that provide financial proof of funds (that is term sheets)
  • Confirmation of debt or equity closing and funds availability
  • Bank statements (to verify cash availability)
  • Term sheets
  • Attestation from corporate officers of funds availability
Third party funding cannot be conditional on AAFC program acceptance
Market research studies and/or letters of supports Third party market research and/or letters of support from organizations or customers establishing a market demand (indicating a need for the proposed product, process, technology or service being commercialized.)
Applicant's Certificate or Articles of Incorporation Certificates and Articles of Incorporation are issued and filed, respectively, by or with provincial, territorial or federal government that document the applicant's status as a legal entity.
Performance Measures Table To provide estimated targets and dates of project results to achieve.
Quotes, estimates and/or contracts Documents supporting the costs of the project budget provided by supplier for all construction, renovations or equipment and technology to be purchased and installed.
Copies of all regulatory permits and/or patents required to undertake the project

Any permit that addressed required regulatory issues and/or patents filings required related to the project.

Federal, provincial, territorial or municipal authorizations or permits required to complete this project and any documentation that may be required pursuant to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act 2012.

Copy of any inter-company or other agreements impacting the proposed project Documents used to define how sales or transfers of goods and services by businesses owned by the same company are handled.
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