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Agricultural business management

Find resources and support in managing your farming operations to stay competitive and prepared for unforeseen situations.

Get financial support

Advance Payments Program
Get cash advances to help with cash flow and improve marketing opportunities.

Canadian Agricultural Loans Act Program
Apply for loans, backed by the Government of Canada, from participating financial institutions to establish, improve, and develop your farm or to process, distribute or market the products of farming.

Farm Debt Mediation Service
Get financial counselling and mediation services when your farm faces financial difficulty.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs for producers

These programs work together to provide protection against different types of income and production losses. Explore case studies that show how Business Risk Management (BRM) programs help farms that have faced different disaster situations.

Minimize the economic effects of production losses caused by natural disasters with insurance coverage.

Receive matching contributions to your AgriInvest account to help manage small income declines and make investments mitigate risks or improve market income.

Get income support when your business experiences a large margin decline.

Protect your sales

Protection for grain producers
Find out how to get a grade dispute resolved; exercise your rights and follow the rules that apply to getting paid for the grain you deliver; apply for a producer car; and use a grading service before delivery.

Livestock Tax Deferral Provision
Get lists of designated regions affected by drought or excess moisture who can defer portions of their sales of breeding herds to the next year.

Put preventive measures in place

Manage stored grain: maintain quality and manage insect infestations
Learn how to prevent, monitor, remedy and control infestations to keep stored grain at peak condition.

Drought Watch
View maps and use interactive applications to see current and historic conditions and impacts of weather and climate on agricultural production. You can also learn how to prepare and adapt your operations to drought and other weather and climate conditions and events.

Biosecurity plans

Biosecurity planning is an on-going process for putting preventive measures in place to prevent, minimize and control the introduction and spread of pests and diseases at the farm level.


Crop biosecurity
Find planning guides, standards, and notices to industry related to crop biosecurity.

National farm-level biosecurity standard for potato growers
Learn how to prevent and manage the spread of diseases and pests in potatoes through good biosecurity practices.


Animal biosecurity
Get tools to help you assess and learn how to monitor your animals’ health as well as introduction to biosecurity measures. Learn how you can implement biosecurity standards, protocols and strategies to keep your animals healthy.

National biosecurity standards and biosecurity principles
Find biosecurity standards, principles and strategies for the different animal sectors.

Avian biosecurity – protect poultry, prevent disease
Learn how to protect your birds from disease, whether you have a large farm or backyard hobby farm.

Biosecurity: protecting farmed fish
Learn the importance of biosecurity and how to keep the aquatic animals in production facilities healthy.

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