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AgriAssurance: Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Component: Questionnaire

This HTML document is not a questionnaire. Its purpose is to display the information as found on the questionnaire for viewing purposes only.

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Questionnaire PDF

Complete the Questionnaire (PDF version, 105 KB) and submit it with your completed Project Application Form (PDF Version, 922 KB).

1. Company information

Do you have a parent company?

If you have a parent company, please provide:

Please identify your company type:

Does your company have its own facility in Canada in which it produces or processes agriculture or agri-food products?

If no, please explain where your company’s products are produced or processed and by whom:

Please identify any national Trade Associations of which your company is a member. If you are not a member of any associations, please answer “not applicable.”

What is the company’s annual revenue from previous fiscal year?

2. Sales and exports

Current annual sales in Canada (previous fiscal year total sales):

Current annual export sales outside of Canada (previous fiscal year total sales):

Which countries do you currently export to?

What products do you sell in the identified export countries?

Please describe how well your products are selling in the Canadian market, including in which provinces your company’s products are sold.

3. Market export plan for this project

1. Have you completed the necessary market research for this project?

If yes, when was the market research completed?

2. Why are these viable markets for your products?

3. Have you identified distribution channels for the target market?

If yes, list the companies that you are targeting directly, identify the in-market distributors, and provide the names of the stores where product demonstrations will occur, etc

4. Have you, or do you intend to, apply to any other funding programs for this project? This includes funding from other government programs, trade associations, regional economic development organizations etc.

If yes, explain

5. Does funding this project provide a competitive advantage over other companies in the domestic market?

If yes, to what extent?
4. Market readiness

1. Has your packaging been adjusted to suit these markets?

2. Have you prepared all necessary promotional materials for these markets? (Examples: tradeshow booth displays, pamphlets, etc.)

3. Does your company have adequate production capacity to meet the potential of increased demand from export markets (Please provide details in comments section)

4. Does your company currently meet any regulatory requirements to export to this market? (Please provide details in the comments section)

5. Are there any regulatory requirements that still need to be met to export to this market? (If yes or in progress, please specify in the comments section if it's a matter of process, a time-constraint, etc.)

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