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Genetic relationships between winter-hardy alfalfa varieties

Christie, B. C., Baron, V. S., Young, D., Ohama, A. J., Schellenberg, M., Bertrand, A., and Claessens, A. Genetic relationships between winter-hardy alfalfa varieties. Poster presentation. Cow-Forage Gentec Tour. August 22, 2017. Lacombe Research and Development Centre. Lacombe, AB.


This presentation report the results of a phylogenetic analysis of alfalfa varieties showing that the winter-hardy alfafla varieties tested are regrouped within 3 clusters: Cluster C: Mostly cultivars of FD2. Greater penetrance of Medicago sativa spp sativa (tetraploid) as compared to cluster BCluster B: Group largely made of highly fall dormant cultivars (FD1) developed at AAFC Swift Current, characterized by strong fall dormancy (FD1), extreme winter hardiness, and long term persitence in mixed pasture stands. Prowler and Spredor share ancestors with the group.Cluster A: Anik and and its relatives. Very dissimilar to others because this group is made of diploid populations of M. sativa subsp. falcata derived from the cultivar Anik.

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