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The twisted world of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Stefani, F. 2017. The twisted world of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. 2017 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Botanical Association. Waterloo University.


Arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi (AMF) are an ancient lineage of soil microorganisms belonging to the fungal kingdom and living in a mutualistic relation with most of the vascular plants. Mutualism based on AMF is so widespread that the benefits they provide expand far beyond the host plant and account at the ecosystem scale. The role of AMF at the ecosystem scale is still underestimated but their increasing use as biofertilizer raises the awareness of their ecological roles. Since the first description of AMF more than 200 years ago, our view on their diversity, taxonomy, genetics and ecological functions has undergone significant changes. The aim of this presentation is to tell the audience the past, present and future research about AMF. We will emphasize how the work of several generations of researchers that started on sporocarpic species of AMF is going to play a significant role in the development of a sustainable agriculture.

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