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Coleus blumei viroids

Nie X and Singh RP. 2017. Coleus blumei viroids. Chapter 27. In “Viroids and Satellites”, Hadidi A, Randles JW, Flores R, and Palukaitis P, ed. Academic Press/Elsevier. Page: 289-295.


Six viroids belonging to the genus Coleviroid, family Pospiviroidae, have been found in Coleus blumei. Coleus blumei viroid 1 (CbVd-1), the type member of the genus, has a genome of 248–251 nucleotides. All six coleviroids share a common central conserved region within their rod-like secondary structure of minimal free energy. However, the left and right halves are quite divergent. CbVd-2, CbVd-4, and CbVd-6 are recombinants with left and right halves from CbVd-1, CbVd-3, and CbVd-5. The viroids are seed transmissible, but do not appear to cause major diseases in the host plants. Several methods have been developed to detect these viroids.

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