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Expression markers closely associated with the 2DL QTL locus for fusarium head blight resistance

Hu, X., McCartney, C., Biselli, C., Rocheleau, H., Balcerzak, M., Fedak, G., Khanizadeh, S., Yan, Z., Valè, G., Ouellet, T. 2017. Expression markers closely associated with the 2DL QTL locus for fusarium head blight resistance. Proceedings of the 13th International Wheat Genetics Symposium, Tulln, Austria, April 23-28, 2017. P. 236.


The 2DL QTL for FHB resistance from Wuhan 1 is a moderate resistance locus for Fusarium head blight (FHB), which has potential to improve the FHB resistance of bread wheat, and confer effective and durable resistance to novel wheat breeding lines. Differentially expressed genes which expression profile associated with the 2DL QTL resistance locus were identified by comparing a line carrying the 2DL QTL with a null sister line. Fourteen differentially expressed genes that are physically located within the interval for the 2DL QTL were further characterized for their expression profile in 78 lines of a double haploid mapping population derived from the cross Wuhan 1 x NuyBai, the population where the 2DL QTL was first identified. The expression QTL for genes 2DL_159137_AA0533120 and 2DL_160788_AA0554140 (from the recent TRIAE_CS42_TGACv1 annotation) as well as an unannotated gene (represented by FGA014667 in the EST collection at NCBI) overlapped with the mapping interval for the 2DL QTL; however that of the unannotated gene was centered very close to the peak of the 2DL QTL. Our results suggest that the unannotated gene and possibly all three genes, contribute to the FHB resistance associated with the 2DL QTL.

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