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Evaluation of Selected Advanced Spring Wheat Germplasm Lines

Xu, Shuhui & Yu, Junjie & Chen, Yanhong & Tabori, Mirko & Wang, Xuelian & Mccallum, Brent & Fedak, George & Blackwell, Barbara & Xue, Allen & Yang, Zefeng & Khanizadeh, Shahrokh. (2018). Evaluation of Selected Advanced Spring Wheat Germplasm Lines In Eastern Canada. Sustainable Agriculture Research. 7. 63. 10.5539/sar.v7n3p63.


Twenty-three spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) lines were compared to four known cultivars for agronomic performance, including yield, as well as resistance to fusarium head blight (FHB) and leaf rust (LR) at eight sites (Ottawa CEF-C1, Ottawa CEF-C2, St. Isidore, Harrington, Palmerston, Princeville, Kincardine, Beloeil). The cultivar Morocco was added as a check because of its susceptibility to LR during in vitro testing of the germplasm. The objective of this multi-site experiment was to evaluate selected Ottawa Research and Development Centre (ORDC) advanced lines namely eastern Canada advanced lines (ECAD) in order to identify the best lines for the purposes of performance evaluation and grower trials. Lines ECSW05 and ECSW48 had higher yields than the checks, but the increase was not significantly different. Both lines showed resistance to most LR races and moderate resistance to FHB.

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