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Mexican consumers at the point of meat purchase. Beef choice

Ngapo, T.M., Braña Varela, D., Rubio Lozano, M.S. (2017). Mexican consumers at the point of meat purchase. Beef choice, 134 34-43.


© 2017 Within-consumer preference replication achieved through systematic image manipulation was used in consumer surveys in four cities across Mexico (Mexico City, n = 195; Guadalajara, n = 100; Hermosillo, n = 132; Veracruz, n = 61) to study beef preferences. Images of beef steaks controlled for lean and fat colour, fat cover and marbling were presented to consumers to determine the characteristics used in beef choice and the levels of preference of these characteristics. The most important choice criteria were fat cover (62% preferring little fat cover) and marbling (59% preferring non-marbled). Lean colour was also important with 24% and 29% choosing light and dark red beef, respectively. Fat colour was the least important of the four attributes studied (18% and 19% choosing white and yellow, respectively), but was nevertheless important given that 43% of consumers used three or four characteristics to make their choice. Imported and domestic beef in the Mexican marketplace appear to respond to the range of consumers' beef preferences at the point of purchase.

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