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Digitization of the John Dearness Herbarium

Wilkinson, J., Redhead, S. A. 2016. Digitization of the John Dearness Herbarium. Poster. 31st Annual Meeting of the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Berlin 2016/06/20 - 2016/06/25


The Dearness Fungal Herbarium is curated by the National Mycological Herbarium (DAOM) in Ottawa Canada. John Dearness [JD] was an educator and collector who died at the age of 102 in London Ontario in 1954. An important historical figure in the history of Canadian mycology, he was the sixth president of the Mycological Society of America. His collection covered 9200 different species of fungi and held 503 type specimens he named. In 2014 all located type specimens were digitally photographed and their collection information data-based, 5400 images from the general collection were also captured. Previously his filing cards were photocopied and these photocopies were subsequently scanned as images. Dearness did not assign collection numbers. He used numbers for species, which were used for his filing system, which have been confused for collection numbers. Posthumously JD accession numbers are being assigned. More recently barcodes were included in the high resolution pictures taken in a light box. This effort is part of a larger herbarium digitization project aimed at preserving records of collections and increasing the accessibility in the long term both within our institution and to the broader community. Sample images of Dearness type specimens and his filing system are detailed.

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