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Genomic comparative analysis for the spread and contribution of Aegilops tauschii

Wang J, Luo M-C, Chen Z, Liu Y, Wang L, You FM, Wei Y, Fu D, Liu D, Dvorak J, Zheng Y (2016) Genomic comparative analysis for the spread and contribution of Aegilops tauschii. 7th International Crop Science Congress, Beijing, August 14-19, 2016 (Oral talk)


Hecaploid wheat origated by hybridization of tetraploid Triticum turgidum with Ageilops tauschii. Genetic relationship between Ae. Tauschii and the wheat D genome is of central importance for the understanding of wheat origin and subsequent evolution. Based on recent progress on genome sequences of Ae. Tauschii and wheat, it was known that the two species had very similar 4.2 Gb D genomes. Genomic comparative two species has shown that Ae. Tauschii consists of two lineages with little genetic contact. A population of Ae. Tauschii spp. Strangulate from the southwestern and southern Caspian appears to be the main source of the wheat D genome. While Ae. Tauschii spp. tauschii contributed as a little of 0.8% of the common wheat D genome. However, gene flow from Ae. Tauschii spp. Tauschii was an important source of wheat genetic diversity. Both subspecies harbor lots of elite loci that could be used for wheat improvement. We characterized a germplasm collection by more than 300 Ae. Tauschii accessions for response to important traits by genome-wide associated analysis. In total, we presented valuable data on rust resistance, seed dormancy and other morphological traits in Ae. Tauschii, which assist with informed introgression of the D-genome traits in common wheat.

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