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Promoter Deletion analysis of the wheat disease resistance gene Lr34

Mark Jordan. Promoter Deletion analysis of the wheat disease resistance gene Lr34. Plant and Animal Genome XXIV. San Diego, USA, Jan 9-13, 2016.


The wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr34 conditions durable adult plant, race non-specific resistance. It also provides resistance to stem rust, stripe rust and other biotrophic diseases. Lr34 has been identified as an ABC transporter (Krattinger et al. 2009) however the mechanism by which the transporter conditions resistance is unknown. In order to examine the expression pattern of Lr34 a series of promoter deletions was created using the 5’ sequence information from Chinese Spring which carries Lr34 (Genbank FJ436983.1) fused to the reporter gene coding for beta-glucuronidase (GUS). The vectors of the deletion series contained 2kb, 1.5kb, 1kb and 0.5kb of upstream sequence. These vectors were co-bombarded into embryos of wheat cultivar Fielder along with a vector carrying a selectable marker. Multiple stable transgenic plants were obtained from each vector. No visible GUS expression using the histochemical assay was observed in freshly germinated seedlings but expression was visible in coleoptile tissue and leaf auricles and ligules at the 3-4 leaf stage. No differences were observed at this stage between the various promoter lengths. Leaf blades at this stage exhibited no visible GUS expression but expression was confirmed using RT-PCR indicating a low level of expression in leaf tissue at this stage of development.

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