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Discovery of Novel Fusarium Secondary Metabolites.

Bahadoor, A., Bosnich, W., Schneiderman, D., Blackwell, B., Aubin, Y., Melanson, J., Gleddie, S., Harris, L.J. Discovery of Novel Fusarium Secondary Metabolites. Session 10, Book of Abstracts of Lectures and Posters, World Mycotoxin Forum, Winnipeg, MB, June 6-9, 2016, p. 69. Invited talk


The genome of Fusarium graminearum contains a significant number of both clustered and singular genes involved in secondary metabolism, many of which are expressed during plant infection and may play a role in pathogenicity or niche competition. However, the enzymatic products of a major proportion of these genes remain undetermined. We report on-going efforts in the detection, isolation and full structure characterization of an unknown secondary metabolite from Fusarium graminearum. The unknown compound is produced by numerous Fusarium graminearum strains cultured in liquid media. Selective gene disruption and add-back experiments have identified the gene responsible for the biosynthesis of the unknown. A combination of HRESI-MS, 1D and 2D-NMR experiments were employed to elucidate its structure. The results of these combined experiments as well as a potential structure for the unknown compound is proposed.

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