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A Review Article: Electrokinetic Bioremediation Current Knowledge and New Prospects.

Hassan, I., Mohamedelhassan, E., Yanful, E.K., and Yuan, Z.-C. (2016). "A Review Article: Electrokinetic Bioremediation Current Knowledge and New Prospects.", Advances in Microbiology, 6(1), pp. 57-72. doi : 10.4236/aim.2016.61006  Access to full text


This study discusses factors affecting various processes involved in bioremediation coupled with electrokinetics. The study presents innovative solutions, and proposes new directions. Environmental conditions that have an influence on the characteristics, behavior, and metabolism of indigenous microorganisms are presented. The discussion focuses on overcoming the unfavorable conditions created by electrolysis reactions, prolongation the survival of the microbes at contaminated sites, increase of microbial enzyme secretion, improvement of the indigenous bacteria metabolic pathways, and exploration of metagenomics resources from soil biota. The challenge facing the implementation of conventional bioremediation techniques in precisely and effectively delivering nutrients to indigenous bacteria, particularly in soils with tortuous paths and low hydraulic conductivity is discussed. Current knowledge in application of enhanced biostimulation using electrokinetics is reviewed. The implementation of bioaugmentation in bioremediation coupled with electrokinetics to enhance the outcome of bioremediation is presented. Effects of phenomena associated with electrokinetics in the hybrid remediation approach are discussed.

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