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The relationship of leaf rust resistance gene Lr13 and hybrid necrosis gene Ne2m on wheat chromosome 2BS

Zhang, P., Hiebert, C.W., McIntosh, R.A., McCallum, B.D., Thomas, J.B., Hoxha, S., Singh, D., Bansal, U. (2016). The relationship of leaf rust resistance gene Lr13 and hybrid necrosis gene Ne2m on wheat chromosome 2BS, 129(3), 485-493.


© 2015, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Key message: Genetic and mutational analyses of wheat leaf rust resistance geneLr13and hybrid necrosis geneNe2mindicated that they are the same gene. Abstract: Hybrid necrosis in wheat characterized by chlorosis and eventual necrosis of plant tissues in certain wheat hybrids is controlled by the interaction of complementary dominant genes Ne1 and Ne2 located on chromosome arms 5BL and 2BS, respectively. Multiple alleles at each locus can be identified by differences in necrotic phenotypes when varieties are crossed with a fixed accession of the other genotype. Some of at least five Ne2 alleles were described as s (strong), m (medium) and w (weak); alleles of Ne1 were similarly described. Ne2m causes moderate necrosis in hybrids with genotypes having Ne1s. Ne2 is located on chromosome arm 2BS in close proximity to Lr13. Most wheat lines with Ne2m carry Lr13, and all wheat lines with Lr13 appear to carry Ne2m. To further dissect the relationship between Lr13 and Ne2m, more than 350 crosses were made between cv. Spica (Triticum aestivum) or Kubanka (T. durum) carrying Ne1s and recombinant inbred lines or doubled haploid lines from three crosses segregating for Lr13. F1 plants from lines carrying Lr13 crossed with Spica (Ne1s) always showed progressive necrosis; those lacking Lr13 did not. Four wheat cultivars/lines carrying Lr13 were treated with the mutagen EMS. Thirty-five susceptible mutants were identified; eight were distinctly less glaucous and late maturing indicative of chromosome 2B or sub-chromosome loss. Hybrids of phenotypically normal Lr13 mutant plants crossed with Spica did not produce symptoms of hybrid necrosis. Thus, Lr13 and one particular Ne2m allele may be the same gene.

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