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Use of Encapsulated Bacteriophages to Enhance Farm to Fork Food Safety.

Hussain, M.A., Liu, H., Wang, Q., Zhong, F., Guo, Q., and Balamurugan, S. (2016). "Use of Encapsulated Bacteriophages to Enhance Farm to Fork Food Safety.", Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. doi : 10.1080/10408398.2015.1069729  Access to full text


Bacteriophages have been successfully applied to control the growth of pathogens in foods and to reduce the colonisation and shedding of pathogens by food animals. They are set to play a dominant role in food safety in the future. However, many food processing operations and the microenvironments in food animals' guts inactivate phages and reduce their infectivity. Encapsulation technologies have been used successfully to protect phages against extreme environments and have been shown to preserve their activity and enable their release in targeted environments. A number of encapsulation technologies have shown potential for use with bacteriophages. This review discusses the current state of knowledge about the use of encapsulation technologies with bacteriophages to control pathogens in foods and food animals.

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