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The biological and agronomic (Non) sense of ex-ante coexistence measures

Beckie, H.J., Hall, L.M. (2015). The biological and agronomic (Non) sense of ex-ante coexistence measures, 55(5), 2215-2224.


© Crop Science Society of America. All rights reserved. The biological and agronomic sensibility of exante coexistence measures used in different parts of the world is reviewed. These measures need to be commensurate with the biology of the crop and the genetically modified (GM) adventitious presence (AP) labeling thresholds imposed by government or industry. Excessive and inflexible measures or establishment of artificially low thresholds are not consistent with the intent of recommendations, namely to provide growers and consumers with practical choices. In the case study of Portugal, few ex-post liability claims have been made and GM thresholds have rarely exceeded 0.9%. Giving farmers more flexibility or decision-making ability in the ‘who, what, where, and how’ of implementing coexistence measures has been successful. Knowledge and experience gained in coexistence worldwide should inform and strengthen future measures or policies. As such, regular monitoring, analysis, and reporting of the efficiency and effectiveness of coexistence measures worldwide would be a useful mechanism for iterative learning and adaptation. Excessive and scientifically unjustifiable measures need to be weeded out.

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