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Relationship between adiponectin and fertility in the female pig

Campos, D.B., Albornoz, M., Papa, P.C., Palin, M.F., Bordignon, V., Murphy, B.D. (2015). Relationship between adiponectin and fertility in the female pig, 27(3), 458-470.


© 2015 CSIRO. Adiponectin isoforms may mediate different aspects of the pleiotropic function of the protein, including the reproductive process. We examined the pattern of circulating adiponectin and adiponectin system expression in fat and ovarian tissues of hyperfertile and subfertile sows. We demonstrated the presence of five different isoforms of adiponectin (90, 158, 180, 250 and >250kDa) in the circulation and identified a subgroup of subfertile females that displayed reduced abundance of all adiponectin isoforms as well as a lack of the 250-kDa adiponectin isoform in both serum and follicular fluid. Subfertility in these animals was associated with fewer large follicles and corpora lutea in the ovaries, as well as lower concentrations of 17β-oestradiol in the follicular fluid of large follicles. In addition, subfertile females showed higher adiponectin mRNA in fat tissue and altered mRNA and protein expression of adiponectin and its receptors in the ovary. Changes in the abundance and pattern of circulating adiponectin isoforms have been associated with reproductive disorders in animals and humans, including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Our findings suggest that the adiponectin system may play an important role in controlling ovarian function and influencing porcine fertility.

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