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LIIS: A web-based system for culture collections and sample annotation.

Forster, M.S., Paterson, L.J., and Förster, R.J. (2014). "LIIS: A web-based system for culture collections and sample annotation.", Journal of Open Research Software. doi : 10.5334/jors.aj  Access to full text


The Lab Information Indexing System (LIIS) is a web-driven database application for laboratories looking to store their sample or culture metadata on a central server. The design was driven by a need to replace traditional paper storage with an easier to search format, and extend current spreadsheet storage methods. The system supports the import and export of CSV spreadsheets, and stores general metadata designed to complement the environmental packages provided by the Genomic Standards Consortium [1]. The goals of the LIIS are to simplify the storage and archival processes and to provide an easy to access library of laboratory annotations. The program will find utility in microbial ecology laboratories or any lab that needs to annotate samples/cultures.

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