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Pionnotes, a synonym of Dacrymyces rather than Fusarium

Seifert, K.A. (2013). Pionnotes, a synonym of Dacrymyces rather than Fusarium, 123 205-211.


The holotype of Fusarium capitatum, the type of the genus Pionnotes, was re-examined. Although Pionnotes was historically considered a synonym of Fusarium, it should henceforth be designated a synonym of Dacrymyces, with F. capitatum a synonym of D. chrysospermus. The generic name Pionnotes and species epithet capitatum should be evaluated further in future phylogenetic revisions of the Dacrymycetales, where most of the genera as currently understood are polyphyletic, and many common species such as D. chrysospermus may represent complexes of phylogenetic species. © 2013. Mycotaxon, Ltd.

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