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Phosphorus isotherms sorption in semi arid soil.

Hamdi, W., Messiga, A.J., Pelster, D.E., Ziadi, N., and Seffen, M. (2015). "Phosphorus isotherms sorption in semi arid soil.", International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology, 2(3), pp. 1995-2005.


The aims of this study were to determine the phosphorus (P) adsorption capacity of the semi-arid soils from Tunisian Sahel and to generate that relates these capacities to soil properties. Air-dried samples soils collected at four depths from three sites in the Sahel region of Tunisia (Chott-Mariem, Enfidha and Kondar). Soil chemical, physical and mineralogical properties were analyzed. 0,5g of each soil samples were shaken with increasing concentrations of solution P for 36 hr at 20 °C. The maximum of P adsorption were greatly influenced by soil organic matter, calcium, magnesium and clay content. Moreover, the data obtained was fitted using Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm functions. P adsorption data revealed that Langmuir equation (R2= 0.98) showed a better describe the adsorption phenomena over the Freundlich equation (R2 =0. 96) in all the three series.

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