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Green to red photoconversion of GFP for protein tracking in vivo

Sattarzadeh, A., Saberianfar, R., Zipfel, W.R., Menassa, R., Hanson, M.R. (2015). Green to red photoconversion of GFP for protein tracking in vivo, 5


A variety of fluorescent proteins have been identified that undergo shifts in spectral emission properties over time or once they are irradiated by ultraviolet or blue light. Such proteins are finding application in following the dynamics of particular proteins or labelled organelles within the cell. However, before genes encoding these fluorescent proteins were available, many proteins have already been labelled with GFP in transgenic cells; a number of model organisms feature collections of GFP-tagged lines and organisms. Here we describe a fast, localized and non-invasive method for GFP photoconversion from green to red. We demonstrate its use in transgenic plant, Drosophila and mammalian cells in vivo. While genes encoding fluorescent proteins specifically designed for photoconversion will usually be advantageous when creating new transgenic lines, our method for photoconversion of GFP allows the use of existing GFP-tagged transgenic lines for studies of dynamic processes in living cells.

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