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Bringing plant-based veterinary vaccines to market: Managing regulatory and commercial hurdles.

MacDonald, J., Doshi, K., Dussault, M., Hall, J.C., Holbrook, L., Jones, G., Kaldis, A., Klima, C.L., MacDonald, P., McAllister, T.A., McLean, M.D, Potter, A., Richman, A.S., Shearer, H., Yarosh, O., Yoo, H.S., Topp, E., and Menassa, R. (2015). "Bringing plant-based veterinary vaccines to market: Managing regulatory and commercial hurdles.", Biotechnology Advances. doi : 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2015.07.007  Access to full text


The production of recombinant vaccines in plants may help to reduce the burden of veterinary diseases, which cause major economic losses and in some cases can affect human health. While there is abundant research in this area, a knowledge gap exists between the ability to create and evaluate plant-based products in the laboratory, and the ability to take these products on a path to commercialization. The current report, arising from a workshop sponsored by an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Co-operative Research Programme, addresses this gap by providing guidance in planning for the commercialization of plant-made vaccines for animal use. It includes relevant information on developing business plans, assessing market opportunities, manufacturing scale-up, financing, protecting and using intellectual property, and regulatory approval with a focus on Canadian regulations.

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