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Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of a seedling crown rust resistance gene in oat

Gnanesh, B.N., McCartney, C.A., Eckstein, P.E., Mitchell Fetch, J.W., Menzies, J.G., Beattie, A.D. (2014). Genetic analysis and molecular mapping of a seedling crown rust resistance gene in oat, 128(2), 247-258.


© 2014, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Key message: Genetic analysis and genome mapping of a major seedling oat crown rust resistance gene, designatedPcKM,are described. The chromosomal location of thePcKMgene was identified and linked markers were validated.Abstract: Crown rust (Puccinia coronata Corda f. sp. avenae Eriks) is the most important foliar disease of oats and can cause considerable yield loss in the absence of appropriate management practices. Utilization of novel resistant genes is the most effective, economic and environmentally sound approach to control the disease. Crown rust resistance present in the cultivar ‘Morton’ was evaluated in a population developed from the cross OT3019 × ‘Morton’ to elucidate the genetic basis of resistance. Crown rust reaction evaluated in field nurseries and greenhouse tests demonstrated that resistance provided by ‘Morton’ was controlled by a single gene, temporarily designated as PcKM. The gene was initially linked to a random amplified polymorphic DNA band and subsequently converted into a sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR) marker. Genotyping with the PcKM SCAR on the ‘Kanota’ × ‘Ogle’ population, used to create the first oat chromosome-anchored linkage map, placed the PcKM gene on chromosome 12D. Consensus map markers present in the same region as the PcKM SCAR were tested on the OT3019 × ‘Morton’ population and two additional phenotyped populations segregating for PcKM to identify other markers useful for marker-assisted selection. Three markers were perfectly linked to the PcKM phenotype from which TaqMan and KBioscience competitive allele-specific PCR assays were developed and validated on a set of 25 oat lines. The assays correctly identified PcKM carriers. The markers developed in this study will facilitate fine mapping of the PcKM gene and simplify selection for this crown rust resistance.

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