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Advancing knowledge on biology of rust fungi through genomics.

Duplessis, S., Bakkeren, G., and Hamelin, R.C. (2014). "Advancing knowledge on biology of rust fungi through genomics.", in Martin, F.M. (ed.) - Advances in Botanical Research Vol. 70, Academic Press, Chapter 6, pp. 173-209.


Pucciniales are an important group of fungal plant pathogens that cause rust diseases in a diverse group of hosts including ecologically and economically important crops and trees. Rust fungi have intriguing and complex life cycles and are obligate biotrophs. Because of their biological features, these fungi are very difficult to study under laboratory conditions. The recent advances in genomics and transcriptomics have opened great perspectives for making progress in the study of this group of fungi and more particularly to dissect the genetic determinants underlying the host infection process. In this chapter, we provide an overview of the current knowledge on rust genomics and we particularly highlight how next-generation sequencing technologies are moving this field forward, providing new avenues in the understanding of fungal biotrophy.

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