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'Sweet Sunrise' strawberry.

Finn, C.E., Strik, B.C., Yorgey, B.M., Mackey, T.A., Moore, P.P., Dossett, M.P., Kempler, C., Martin, R.R., Jamieson, A.R., and Galletta, G.J. (2014). "'Sweet Sunrise' strawberry.", HortScience, 49(8), pp. 1088-1092.


‘Sweet Sunrise’ is a new June-bearing (short-day) strawberry (Fragaria xananassa Duchesne ex Rozier) cultivar from the U.S. Department of Agriculture–Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS) breeding program in Corvallis, OR, released in cooperation with the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station and the Washington State University Agricultural Research Center. ‘Sweet Sunrise’ is a high-yielding cultivar that produces medium to large, firm, attractive, easily capped fruit with excellent quality that ripen in the early season. A U.S. plant patent application (S.N. 13/694,950) has been submitted.

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