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Dothiorella vidmadera, a novel species from grapevines in Australia and notes on Spencermartinsia.

Pitt, W.M., Urbez-Torres, J.R., and Trouillas, F.P. (2013). "Dothiorella vidmadera, a novel species from grapevines in Australia and notes on Spencermartinsia.", Fungal Diversity, 61(1), pp. 209-219. doi : 10.1007/s13225-013-0244-7  Access to full text


Strains of a coelomycete isolated from grapevine cankers in southeastern Australia and identified as Dothiorella iberica in previous studies are redescribed in this study as a novel species based on morphological characters and phylogenetic analyses of DNA sequences of the internal transcribed spacer region (ITS1-5.8S-ITS2), and partial sequences of the translation elongation factor 1-α and β-tubulin genes. Dothiorella vidmadera sp. nov. is most closely related to D. iberica, D. americana and D. sarmentorum, but differs in morphological characters and DNA sequences. All four species are known to be associated with Botryosphaeria dieback of grapevines. Additionally, an unidentified ascomycete isolated from dead wood of grapevines in Western Australia is described. Phylogenetically, strains were most closely related to Spencermartinsia viticola, and bore conidia with morphological characters and dimensions consistent with published descriptions. However, ascospores were shorter and narrower than previously reported and lacked the terminal apiculi that typify the genus.

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