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Production of flaxseed-enriched cereal-based products: a review of the processing conditions impacts.

Mercier, S., Villeneuve, S., Moresoli, C., Mondor, M., Marcos, B., and Power, K.A. (2014). "Production of flaxseed-enriched cereal-based products: a review of the processing conditions impacts.", Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 13(4), pp. 400-412. doi : 10.1111/1541-4337.12075  Access to full text


The properties of cereals products, bread, pasta, muffins, cookies, cakes, and bars, enriched with flaxseed, were reviewed to highlight suitable processing conditions for the production of high-quality flaxseed-enriched products with the desired health attributes. The review highlights the contrasting effect of flaxseed enrichment on the mechanical and physical properties of cereal products according to product type, flaxseed enrichment level, and processing history. Flaxseed lipids remain stable for most processing and storage conditions, presumably due to the significant antioxidant properties of lignans, but information is lacking on the impact of home-handling, such as bread toasting, on lipid oxidation. Cereal products enriched with flaxseed generally exhibit similar or improved shelf life compared to equivalent products with no flaxseed enrichment, suggesting that flaxseed may limit starch retrogradation, maintain moisture content, and delay microbial growth. Sensory analysis shows lower organoleptic properties of most cereal products containing flaxseed, but similar consumer acceptance for cereal products without and with flaxseed enrichment up to 15% is reported in the literature. This review indicates the need to better understand the impact of flaxseed enrichment on product microstructure and to conduct an extensive assessment of the health effects of flaxseed-enriched products, since very few studies have focused on the quantification of the bioaccessibility, bioavailability, and activity of flaxseed bioactive compounds for a variety of processing conditions and product formulation.

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