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Agriculture: Feeding the future.

McCouch, S., Baute, G.J., Bradeen, J., Bramel, P., Bretting, P.K., Buckler, E., Burke, J.M., Charest, D., Cloutier, S., Cole, G., Dempewolf, H., Dingkuhn, M., Feuillet, C., Gepts, P., Grattapaglia, D., Guarino, L., Jackson, S., Knapp, S., Langridge, P., Lawton-Rauh, A., Lijua, Q., Lusty, C.A., Michaels, T.E., Myles, S., Naito, K., Nelson, R.L., Pontarollo, R., Richards, C.M., Rieseberg, L., Ross-Ibarra, J., Rounsley, S., Sackville Hamilton, R., Schurr, U., Stein, N., Tomooka, N., van der Knaap, E., van Tassel, D., Toll, J., Valls, J., Varshney, R.K., Ward, J., Waugh, R., and Zamir, D. (2013). "Agriculture: Feeding the future.", Nature, 499, pp. 23-24. doi : 10.1038/499023a  Access to full text


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