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Alteration of Water and Dry Matter Content in Soybean Exposed to Cadmium.

Wang, Y., Xiao, X., Kang, H., Zeng, J., Fan, X., Sha, L., Zhang, H., Yu, K., and Zhou, Y.-H. (2013). "Alteration of Water and Dry Matter Content in Soybean Exposed to Cadmium.", American-Eurasian Journal of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, 13(5), pp. 606-610. doi : 10.5829/idosi.aejaes.2013.13.05.1973  Access to full text


Cadmium (Cd) at higher concentration in soils is toxic to many plant species, resulting in severe physiological and morphological responses. In the present study, it was found that 1.6 µM Cd treatments resulted in the increase of water content in both AC Hime (a high Cd accumulator) and Westag 97 (a low Cd accumulator) soybeans when compared to the 0 µM Cd controls. Cd significantly increased the water content of the AC Hime 7 days sooner than that of the Westag 97, indicating that the physiological response of the AC Hime is more sensitive than that of the Westag 97 when exposed to Cd. Compared to the controls, Cd significantly inhibited leaf growth in both AC Hime and Westag 97. Cd promoted stem growth in AC Hime at all the sampling times, but not in Westag 97 except on the 12th day sampling time.

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